Pregnancy care

PREGNANCY is not a disease or illness of any kind. It is just a physiological condition for females which involves bring another human life into this an ideal condition there should be no need of any doctor or medical interventions for it.However many factors like continuing Evolution,Pollution and altered eating habits ,just to name a few. That would mean that a Doctor is often required to prevent and deal with the many problems associated with the modern pregnant mother to be.

Prevention is better than cure, so a Doctors consult is very necessary pre pregnancy. Our Team  guides the would be mothers with the necessary vaccines ,correct nutritional deficiencies ,rule out genetic problems in family, answers all the questions and addresses the anxieties and curiosities of the would be parents.

Once the pregnancy is diagnosed there are certain investigations which need to be done to done and a lot of preventive measures to ensure a safe pregnancy. Our Team does a detailed history work up and customise the preventive and interventional aspect for  the individual patient. Simple things like starting a low dose aspirin or high dose calcium therapy can prevent pregnancy high blood pressure and  growth retarded babies, but only if started early in pregnancy.

Pregnancy, though physiological does mean a lot of aches and pains along with additional mental stress due to modern lifestyle. Our team has antenatal classes which combine yoga plus physiotherapy techniques to help our mothers deal with the everyday discomfort associated with pregnancy.relaxation.  Relaxation techniques are taught with emphasis on the correct breathing technique to ensure good oxygen levels in the blood.

Google can bee a boon or a bane.there is as much false information as there is good information on the Net. Our Team is ever ready  to help with authentic evidence based answers to the questions regarding pregnancy.we have special classes that deal with nutrition ,hygiene ,and most importantly breast feeding.

Closer to the delivery date there is a need for FETAL  surveillance .Our team is ready with sonography based Biophysical profile and the computerised baby’s FETAL heart analysis by Cardiotocography machine so as ensure a healthy baby and any intervention as required.

THE would be parents are hence ready to  now enjoy the birthing process and its challenges.

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