Menopause is said to have occurred when the periods have ceased for more than a year. the time close to this period is known as perimenopausal period. with declining hormonal levels there are many changes happening in the body and one needs to be aware of these challenges.
The periods become irregular and the bones start losing calcium and become soft.the body no longer has the god given protection from heart disease. so it is essential to have regular checkup to prevent serious morbidity. Breast examination and mammography is done to detect any breast tumoror cancer.annual Pap smears should be done for detecting any precancerous changes in the uterus.a sonography and a pelvic examination is essential to detect ovarian cancer. Sonography can also help us to determine if a D&C needs to be done for suspected uterus cancer. we provide a proper holistic approach to deal with the challenges of the menopausal period

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