High Risk pregnancy care with ICU facility

Though pregnancy is a physiological condition and most pregnancies are low-risk ,sometimes  pregnancy can turn out to be a very dangerous situation.Due to advanced maternal age and lifestyle diseases the incidence of high risk pregnancies is increasing at an alarming rate.the problem is compounded by the fact that there are two lives at stake now,.The obstetrician alone is not capable to manage this complicated situation all by herself.hence the significance of team effort.we have Multi disciplinary team which is well equipped with the latest life saving instruments to ensure a good outcome.out anesthesia team is well experienced in handling complicated obstetric surgeries.there is a dedicated intensivist team to cater to the high risk mother.the ICU is equipped with all the required oxygenation systems and liver and kidney specialist on standby if the need arises.its not only medical diseases which can complicate the pregnancies.some dangerous situations can arise like placenta PREVIA ,rupture uterus etc where a high level of surgical experience and expertise is required to save the life of the mother and child.we have a team of senior obstetricians who have a vast experience of complicated deliveries ( having worked in a teaching hospital with a tertiary referral centre)and the required surgical expertise to deal with these dangerous situations.Rest assure that you can have a peace of Mind  when you come to us with a complicated case.

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