Giving birth to a baby is a procedure as old as humanity.there are so many traditions and cultural beliefs attached to it.needless to say so many myths surrounding the birthing process so it is difficult for a would be mother to get scared or anxious about the whole fact so many mothers opt for a CESARIAN section just because they are scared of what is. Going to happen after getting labor pains.

While it is no secret that labor or natural delivery is a painful process, with modern advancements it is definitely possible to reduce the  pain associated with labor “pains”.we have specialists who will just put in an epidural at the right time to ensure a relatively pain free delivery.imagine u get a uterine contraction but no pain associated and you can push the baby out with our guidance. For patients who are not so keen on medical interventions and want just a little help with the pain we have the Entonox pain relief contains safe concentration of nitrous oxide which has to be inhaled only during the pain .this does reduces the pain intensity without much effort.

Sometimes the baby does  need  help in coming out .This is where one can  use the ventouse (also known as vaccum)or Forceps.It is very important to use these in a correct fashion to prevent injuries to the baby and the birth canal.we have a experienced team which is well versed in instrumental delivery and can get the baby out with no damage.

The delivery process unfortunately is sometimes accompanied by a tear at the outlet either during the process or one where the doctor deliberately cuts to prevent more damage.(episiotomy). It’s very important to make sure the cut heals in a good fashion to prevent long term complications which include painful intercourse. We use only the gentlest of sutures available which stay just long enough for the healing to take place and dissolve very soon after there is very little pain and discomfort in such a delicate is also very important to take good care of the stitches to prevent infection and promote good healing.A very important part of post delivery care is the perineal care and our team makes sure each patient gets it.

All the muscles and joints become relaxed due to the effect of high levels of hormones during is essential to do the proper post natal exercises to get the body back in shape.the physiotherapist visit will guide the mother regarding proper posture and the right amount of exercise in the difficult post delivery period.

Though breast feeding is a very natural process driven so much by Instinct many a times the new mother needs help.there are so many myths and anxieties regarding breast feeding that one is often confused as to what is right and what is wrong.we believe in the motto that “the breast is bet”.our lactation consultant will guide the mothers with the right breast feeding practices to increase the mother infant bonding.

Babies need to be examined daily because some problems (like heart diseases) need to picked up early for a better outcome.the Pediatrician will come to your bedside everyday and examine the baby and assess all the parameters of the little one. Also we make it mandatory that all the babies receive the first dose of vaccination before leaving the hospital.This ensures a better future of not only the baby but also the entire nation.

Not all pregnancies are simple.some are complicated with various medical and surgical problems.these need specialised care from various different specialities.we are a Multi speciality hospital where all the different specialities and investigations  are available under one roof.

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