Dr. Ashutosh Ajgaonkar

Dr. Ashutosh Ajgaonkar

Dr Ashutosh Ajgaonkar is a practicing OBGY specialist with an experience of more than 25years. He is a Grade 3 Endoscopic Surgeon with wide expertise and experience in Laparoscopic procedures and has operated more than 500 Endoscopic Surgery cases
Academic Qualification/Experience:

  • Graduate from Grant Medical college, J J hospital Mumbai
  • M.B.B.S. from Topiwalla National Medical College, Mumbai
  • Worked in the prestigious Bombay hospital
  • Trained in laparoscopic procedures from The famous institute Dieu Polyclinique ,clermont Ferrand,France

Clinical Excellence:

  • Obstetrics-
    • Managing high risk cases like Rupture Uterus, HELLP syndrome, DIC
    • Internal Iliac ligation.
    • B Lynch sutures for Atonic PPH. (more than 30 numbers)
    • Ruptured Ectopic .
  • Gynaecological surgery-
    • Non Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy
    • Sacrospinous ligament fixation
    • All surgeries for prolapsed uterus including Shirodkar’s Sling.
    • 6 successful Vaginoplasties with Skin Graft for RKH syndrome till date
    • Minilaparotomy, Abdominal Hysterectomy
    • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
    • Laparoscopy Myomectomy (with intra-corporeal Suturing)
  • Urogynecology-
    • TOT Procedure
    • Burch Colposuspension (Laparotomy)
    • Vaginal repairs for VVF
  • Gynaec Oncology
    • Radical Hysterectomy (Transperitonal Route and Extraperitoneal)
    • Tumor Reduction surgeries for CA Ovary

Expertise/ Experience
HARMONIC SCALPEL, LIGASURE, WOLF DEDICATED BIPOLAR CAUTERY. Wide ranging experience in Hysteroscopic surgeries like Septum resection, Myomectomy, TCRE, Tubal cannulation.

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